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A position where skills in business analysis, manufacturing, mathematics, transportation systems, and software development will be used to contribute to organizational effectiveness.



Consulting Projects:
Developed a transportation logistics system for Portland Metro to optimize waste hauling. The system optimally assigned metropolitan regions to processing centers with the minimum overall cost.

Provided analysis and training for Georgia-Pacific in the development and use of an order management and inventory system that included 17 manufacturing facilities, regional MRP, and a central sales system.

Consulted for Paragon Trade Brands (formerly Weyerhaeuser Consumer Products Division). Developed a truck scheduling system for shipping orders and integrated their Kanban system for packaging materials.

Performed product mix analysis and financial evaluations of capital projects for Union Camp Corporation. Participated in strategic planning, and analyzed emphasis on niche markets and customer relationships.

Developed a harvest scheduling model for Simpson Timber Company. Analyzed strategy for a forty year horizon, and provided framework for continual assessment of resource management strategy.

Software Development Highlights:
Developed supply-chain management system for Paragon Trade Brands. The system extracted information from an IBM AS/400 resident database, assigned each order to one of four plants, and determined the optimal truck routes and schedules. An IBM R/S 6000 was used to solve a large linear programming model. This client/server application ran in Microsoft Windows with an interface developed with SQL Windows. The project improved production capacity 7%.

Lead the development of an algorithm to optimally group customer orders into truck-sized batches. The algorithm grouped less-than-truck-load orders (LTL’s) with multiple destinations into truck-sized batches using integer programming. The model reduces shipping costs by effectively considering the trade-offs between maximizing truck capacity utilization and minimizing total miles. The system also balances the benefits of grouping orders for large corporate customers (like WAL-MART) together on trucks.

Managed the product development of a generally applicable business analysis tool for optimizing decisions in forest management, sawmilling, and sales. This Microsoft Windows application was specifically designed around the Microsoft Office suite utilizing Microsoft Access and Visual Basic. The product utilizes a linear programming model and solution algorithm and has been used by over twenty sawmills in the U.S. and Canada. The system is used to improve product mix, procurement, sales, and manufacturing strategy.


Union Camp Corporation. Wayne, New Jersey. 1997 – present.
Currently working in decision support as part of the corporate information systems group. Have participated in strategy development and internal consulting projects.

Decision Dynamics, Inc. Lake Oswego, Oregon. 1991 – 1997.
Designed and performed consulting projects to improve operating strategies of client corporations. Adapted services to the specific needs of each client, and integrated recommendations into existing information systems. Successfully evaluated and applied analytical techniques such as optimization, statistics, simulation, and model building. Worked with clients to adapt our products and services to meet their specific needs.

Took on constantly changing and increasing responsibilities. Was promoted consistently, serving in the following roles: Operations Research Analyst, Senior Operations Research Analyst, Consultant, Project Manager, Product Development Leader, and Manager of Product Development and Consulting Services.

Pirelli-Jerome, Inc. Beaufort, South Carolina. Project Engineer, 1990.
Designed pressure control systems and prepared project bids. Designed database for materials tracking, and developed a software application to automate the design of high-voltage underground cable joints.

Schlumberger Corporation. West Union, South Carolina. Industrial Engineer, 1988.
Improved manufacturing with concurrent engineering at a kilowatt-hour meter plant. Set standards using MTM, consulted on JIT implementation and EPA/OSHA requirements, and performed SPC studies.


Optimization/Applied Mathematics:
Have utilized CPLEX, OSL, XPRESS-MP, LINDO, and MPL , and AMPL for optimization; SAS and Microsoft Excel for statistics and SPC; and SIMAN, STELLA, and EXTEND for simulation.

Operating Systems:
DOS, Microsoft Windows NT/ 95, Unix, Apple Macintosh, and Novell Netware.

Computer Software and Programming Languages:
FORTRAN, BASIC, Microsoft Visual Basic and Access, SAS, OMNI and SIMAN. Microsoft Word, Excel, Project, Powerpoint, Frontpage, and SQL Server.

Systems Development:
GUI Development and Design, Relational Database Design, Software Project Management and Writing Code, Quality Assurance and Testing, Functional Specification Writing, and JAD session leadership.